The Career Community as a College Strategic Asset

Why do students go to college? Most academics would be horrified to discover that the top reason is not to get a great education and become an educated citizen of the world. Today’s students still want high quality academics, but they take the educational benefits of college for granted. What students now expect from college is […]

Components of an Effective Consulting Proposal

Colleges and universities increasingly look to consultants to help with strategic issues and troubling situations. But, unless the fee is likely to exceed six figures, they frequently forego a “Request for Proposal” (RFP). Instead, they rely on verbal conversations, and primarily use word of mouth to identify potential consultants. Agreements about what the consultant will be expected to […]

The Big Disconnect Between College and Career

Students and parents want a college education to lead to a better job. Recent surveys from Inside Higher Ed and Gallup suggest that almost all college presidents and senior academic officers agree with them. Sadly, however, there is a big disconnect between the perception of higher education and the perception of employers when it comes […]

Aligning Employer Needs with Student Learning in College

In President Obama’s 2014 speech at Knox College, he called the “undisciplined system where costs just keep on going up and up and up” in colleges and universities unsustainable, and said he would lay out an aggressive strategy to shake up higher education. A better approach would be for higher education to take the lead […]

Brighter Employment Prospects for Young Grads

An unemployment rate of 7.3% may not seem particularly good. But for millions of the country’s college seniors, 2014 data recently released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics represent the first sign that the major upturn in the employment market for bachelor’s degree grads that started in 2012, was not an anomaly.The last year students […]

Position Vacancy: Associate Provost-Career + Professional Development, LMU — App. Deadline: Friday, Feb 15, 2015

Application Deadline:  Friday, February 13, 2015 LMU seeks an Associate Provost who embraces Jesuit traditions of educating the whole person, and is passionate about connecting education to transformative lives after graduation. Together with a career team and strategic partners at LMU, the Associate Provost is responsible for building programs, services, and connections that will enhance […]

Position Vacancy: Associate Dean, Career + Co-op, SAIC (Chicago)

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is seeking a forward-thinking Associate Dean, Career + Co-Op who can play a leadership role in defining the contributions of art and design graduates to the global economy. The Associate Dean will identify innovative ways to connect the SAIC curriculum to productive and successful lives after college, expanding […]

Advice for Entrepreneurial College Grads

In today’s economy, college students need to develop entrepreneurial skills.  They’ll need these skills throughout their lives to navigate the employment market and rise in their chosen fields. But, should they also be encouraged to start their own businesses immediately after graduation? The entrepreneurial initiatives of colleges and universities, and their emphasis on business plan competitions, […]

New Grads Left Behind in Jobs Recovery of 2013

When the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its annual unemployment statistics for 2013, there was good news for every major cohort except one: Bachelor’s degree grads aged 20-24. Since the peak unemployment years of 2009/2010. College grads over 25 experienced a 24% decrease (blue bar). But the unemployment rate for young college grads only […]

Re-thinking Career Services in Times of Employment Uncertainty

In the spring, all eyes are on new college graduates and their future plans. Current indications are that the employment situation is easing, but bachelor’s graduates aged 20-24 still face plenty of challenges. Average annual unemployment rates for this cohort have remained stubbornly around 9%, and underemployment is rampant. So who has been helping these […]

Unemployment of Recent College Grads a Key Threat to Higher Education

With the skyrocketing cost of education, families increasingly make matriculation decisions based on the perception that a particular college’s students get good jobs. Until recently, the ability to verify those perceptions has been limited. But now, there is a push for greater transparency, as illustrated by the introduction of the College Scorecard. Are colleges ready […]

Essential Data on Colleges and Careers

Information gathered by Sheila J. Curran, March, 2009, revised July, 2012 Across the country, colleges and universities are re-thinking goals and aspirations in light of diminishing revenues and falling endowments. At the same time, prospective students and their families increasingly seek an economic value for their tuition investment.  These realities conflict when it comes to […]

The Career Center of the Future: Recruiting Exceptional Leaders

Three years of high unemployment for recent graduates have convinced senior leaders in colleges and universities that they must pay greater attention to preparing their students for life after college. Increasingly, that means re-visioning the role of the career director and her department. Many long-term career directors have recently observed significant increases in their 403B […]

A Model for College Grad Career Success in 2012

In 2008, Brittany Haas left college with a newly minted degree in Apparel Design. A few months later, the stock market took a nose dive, leading to years of double-digit unemployment for young college grads. Hit worst have been those with degrees in art and design and liberal arts. But this is not another story […]