Frequently Asked Questions

The most common reason for hiring CCG is to solve a problem that the client either does not have the time or expertise to solve alone, or where the client believes an external perspective would be helpful. Clients know that when they hire CCG, they will be active partners in determining next steps, and can count on CCG to help with implementation.

We are known for our ability to listen to your needs, to identify in advance the expected results of the assignment, and to match our recommendations to your institutional culture.

The Curran Consulting Group is flexible and creative. While we employ our unique approach to every assignment, we treat every client as an individual. There is no “boiler-plate” language in our reports. While we may alert you to best practices and benchmarking, recommendations and action plans are crafted in a way that reflects each institution’s challenges and opportunities.

Sheila J. Curran, Senior Partner and Chief Strategy Consultant, personally oversees every assignment, and is the main consultant who interacts directly with clients. Sheila has a broad background in academic administration, and understands how each part of the academy contributes to institutional goals.

Most clients are Provosts, Deans and Vice Presidents, who have a significant range of responsibilities and broad institutional perspective.

CCG employs a reverse engineering process. We spend an hour or more with the potential client to understand what you are trying to achieve, learn the background to the project, and understand your definition of success. Then we craft a detailed proposal including:

  • Our understanding of the background to the assignment and your needs
  • Scope of work to be done
  • Deliverables
  • Timetable
  • Expectations of client
  • Expected results
  • Costs and Terms
  • Consultant biography
  • References

In our assignments, we pay particular attention to the effective use of technology, outsourcing and collaboration. The majority of assignments involve an on-site visit of at least 3-5 days, during which stakeholders from inside and outside the university are interviewed.

The final work product is usually a detailed report and action plan, which is finalized only after considerable discussion with the client. In the case of Strategic Opportunity Assessments, we usually build in a follow up visit to ensure that clear plans are in place ensure effective implementation of recommended actions.

Contact Sheila Curran for a complimentary consultation about your needs.

Direct: 401.861.2278
Mobile: 919.599.6207